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California Bankruptcy Attorneys - How to Stop Creditors


Collection calls and notices from creditors often the most stressful aspect of falling into debt. Demands for payment and harassment from creditors regardless of your ability to pay can make you feel helpless and frustrated. When the collection attempts escalate to practices such as garnishment and bank levies, your entire livelihood may be at risk. Filing for bankruptcy in California can put a stop to these and other types of collection attempts so that you don’t have to worry about losing part of your paycheck, or the money in your bank account.

If you’re filing for bankruptcy, you can also prevent repossessions, lawsuits, and many other collection attempts by creditors. Once your California bankruptcy filing is accepted by the court, an automatic stay goes into effect, barring these and other types of collection attempts by creditors. Your creditors cannot make any demand for payment while your bankruptcy process is ongoing, and once the bankruptcy has been discharged, you are no longer obligated to pay any discharged debt, and creditors may not contact you in an attempt to collect it.

If creditors violate the automatic stay and continue their collection efforts without first seeking permission from the bankruptcy judge, you may be able to file suit and recover damages in excess of what you owe. For this reason, it is very rare that any creditor would attempt collection of a debt once you’ve started the bankruptcy filing process in California. The freedom from constant creditor harassment is priceless, as is the peace of mind that comes from your California bankruptcy discharge notice. By gaining a fresh start, you can put your creditor troubles behind you and move forward to a new level of financial freedom and responsibility.

If you are experiencing the stress and uncertainty of continual collection attempts by creditors, we can help. Our premier California Bankruptcy Law Firm has years of experience when it comes to helping people stop creditors and put an end to collection attempts once and for all. By filing for bankruptcy in California, you can give yourself a chance to regain your financial stability, free from excessive debt. Contact one of our reputable California Bankruptcy Attorneys today and get your free, no-obligation case evaluation. We’ll give you the legal advice you need to put an end to collection attempts and regain your peace of mind.