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 California Bankruptcy

If you are contemplating bankruptcy because your debt to income ratio is beyond what you could have imagined, it is best to begin looking for a reputable California Bankruptcy Lawyer to assist you.  Our bankruptcy attorneys know that laws in California and will be able to provide you with additional information that help you make an informed decision.  

Before you begin to dive head first into filing bankruptcy, it is recommended that you understand where you stand financially and are aware of just how much debt you owe.  The best way for this is to use debt calculators. While there isn't one specific calculator that is better than another, we recommend you speak with your California Bankruptcy Lawyer as well as a financial advisor to get the best estimate of where you stand.

For a very basic debt calculator, check out CNN Money's Debt Planner; this calculator by no means is able to calculate all your potential date so it is best to contact our California Bankruptcy Attorney as soon as possible.  

Our bankruptcy lawyers in California offer a free case evaluation will answer any questions you may have and will provide you with legal advice. Waiting to speak with a leading attorney could be detrimental to your situation so contact us today!